2009 Photo Galleries

“The Marines are careful, brave fighters…they were like hunters, boring in relentlessly without fear. I never heard a wounded Marine moan.”

The U.S. Army General Staff

Nov10th2009 Tom Rogers servingMCBirthday cake.JPG
Nov10th2009_ SrViceCmdt Arnie Strawn&Sgt-at-Arms, Walt Modler.JPG
Nov10th2009_Retd Cols David Brasuell&TomRogersatVeteransHome.JPG
Nov10th2009MC Birthday at Veterans Home (2).JPG
Nov10th2009MC Birthday at Veterans Home.JPG
Vet Home DetChaplin, Bobbie Lee.JPG
Arnie Strawn SrViceComdt, cutting MCBirthday cake.JPG
JrViceCmdt John Walker serving MCbirthday cake.JPG
Nov10, 2009_ Marine Corps Birthday at ISVH.JPG
Nov10th2009 Art Kilton serving MCbirhday cake.JPG
Nov10th2009 Roy Jost serving MCbirthday cake.JPG
Nov10th2009 Tom Rogers servingMCBirthday cake.JPG

“The more MARINES I have around the better I like it!”

General Mark Clark, U.S. ARMY