2011 Photo Galleries

“They (Marines) have given us our only real fight.”

Commanding Officer of the British, War 0f 1812

Apr 21, 2011_ New & old officers sworn in for another tour.JPG
Jack Cunningham & Richard Cross.JPG
Det meeting officially opoen.JPG
Arnie, Walt & Skip BSing.JPG
Apr 21, 2011_Art Kilton awarded Marine of the Year.JPG
Richard Cross & Staff hosting the Det meeting with drinks & snacks.JPG
New Cmdt Gary Randel, Col USMCRet.JPG
Ltrs of Appreciation awarded.JPG
Gail Hughes being sworn in as an Associate member by Arnie Strawn, DetCmdt.JPG
Awards presented to Ralph Elston for his long services as Paymaster& Adj and Rick Erickson for his 3yrs of service as Cmdt.JPG
Apr 21, 2011_Gary Randel sworn in as new Cmdt.JPG
Apr 21, 2011_Art Kilton awarded Marine of the Year (2).JPG

“Do not attack the 1st Marine Division. They fight like devils.”

Chinese directive, 1951