MCL Unit/Department Websites

“It’s hard to be humble when you’re a U.S. Marine”

Unknown US Marine

PAPPY BOYINGTON, Detachment #966, Coeurd’Alene, ID at:
Steven D. Merrell Detachment #698, Pocatello, ID at:

Treasure Valley Detachment #878, Boise, ID  at:

Detachments of Idaho Department without a website.

William E. Barber Detachment #1010, Sandpoint, ID
William L. McCauley/Magic Valley Detachment #1030, Twin Falls, ID
SgtMaj Linehan Detachment #1034, Lewiston/Orofino, ID
Silver Valley Detachment #1060, Kellogg, ID
Snake River Detachment #1046, Mountain Home, ID (Detachment has closed down due to loss of membership.)

“The wonderful love of a beautiful maid, The love of a staunch true man, The love of a baby, unafraid, Have existed since time began. But the greatest of loves, the quintessence of loves, even greater than that of a mother, Is the tender, passionate, infinite love, of one drunken Marine for another.”

General Louis H. Wilson, USMC (CMC) Toast given at 203rd Marine Corps Birthday Ball Camp Lejeune, N.C. 1978