Bylaws & Administrative

“The Marine Brigade – a little raft of sea solders in an ocean of army – was without doubt the most aggressive body of diehards on the Western Front.”

US Army General S.L.A. Marshall, World War I

Membership should review the Bylaws to be informed to the operation of their detachment.

Treasure Valley Detachment Bylaws
The current Bylaws as of February 2016 (TVD Bylaws Master (Update April 2016))

Proposed 2018 Bylaws changes for membership to review and consider.  Voting is expected to be on 19 July, be there to voice your opinion.

To print a copy select this file.  (Walt-2018 TVD Bylaws April 24 2018)

TVD / MCL Member Personnel Record

The purpose of this document is to list basic member information and to track member awards and participation in significant MCL activities. When a member leaves the detachment this record will be given to him/her or destroyed.

Print document and pass on to the Adjutant:  FORM-Member Personnel Record Apr 2013

“No one can say that the Marines have ever failed to do their work in handsome fashion.”

MajGen Johnson Hagood, USA 1937