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“. . . these Marines have the swagger, confidence, and hardness that must have been in Stonewall Jackson’s Army of the Shenandoah. They remind me of the Coldstreams at Dunkerque.”

A British military officer, visiting U.S. Marines in Korea, August 16, 1950

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1. Request for nominations for Department Elections of Officers 2014.
2. Resignation of Lou Roane as National Vice Commandant 29 November 2014
3. Message about the 2015 Department Convention in May by Ron Gray Department Commandant.

1. Entered:  8 November 2014 To remove:  30 May 2015

Good Morning Marines
Being the Jr. Past Department Commandant, I am the Election Chairperson, by bylaws, for the State Convention. I have attached the nomination form that the detachment to have to submit their nominations for each position. They are to send their nominations, in writing, to me.

Need to get it out to them so that they can start waking up and start thinking about the elections.

Semper Fi,
Lou Roane
Nat. Vice Cmdt.
Northwest Division
Nominations Form for 2014 elections:  2014 Election Nominations Form
2014 Department Elections Form

2. Entered: 29 October 2014 To remove: 30 November 2014

Sir Commandants,

It has been a great pleasure serving as your Division Commandant but the unfortunate has occurred. I have attached my letter of resignation.

Please give “Moose” the same professional courtesy and assistances that you had given to me. He is a great man.

I am not going to stick my head in ground. I will be available for Q&A.

For the last time of signing off as,

Lou Roane
Nat. Vice Cmdt.
Northwest Division
Lou Roane Resignation 29 Nov 2014

3. Entered:  8 November 2014 To remove:  30 May 2015

Commandants, FMF Corpsman & Chaplin’s,

It’s time for us to be thinking about next year’s Department convention in Lewiston, Idaho, May 14th, 15th. & 16th., 2015.
To start with I need your Detachment’s activities reports on what’s been happening with each Detachment in the past year that needs to be turned in to National & for each Detachment to start thinking about whom they would like to see elected to each of the Department office’s.
I already sent out a form to all the Detachments about the positions open for election. You might also think about what we need to look at for discussion at the Department meeting that could better the Department over all. Any & all ideas are welcome.
Something I would like to impress on each Detachment is to think about member’s in your Detachment that deserve awards from the Department for their work throughout the year. I know we have members that have made accomplishments that deserve an award.
So Gentleman please get together and bombard the Department with your ideas. I more than welcome

Semper-Fi !!!

Ron Gray
Dept. of Idaho

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“Find the enemy that wants to end this experiment (in American democracy) and kill every one of them until they’re so sick of the killing that they leave us and our freedoms intact.”

Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis, USMC Ret, (San Diego Union Tribune)